Boasting soaring spires, elegant towers and roofs made of natural stone, this luxurious castle built in the late 20th century, invokes both the magic and mystery of medieval fortresses through the 13th century Europe and beyond...

Built in the Gothic Revival style, it is not an exact copy of any particular European castle. Rather, it is an architectural fantasy on the theme of European Romanticism and Gothic, which incorporates all the most beautiful and interesting elements of European architecture of the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the Victorian era.

Garibaldi Castle is a masterpiece of true family honor. The castle was built by its owner Oleg Kuzichkin in honor of his father - Garibaldi Arcadievich Kuzichkin.

From it’s English single-lined rose windows to it’s Gothic arches and magnificent sculptures in the alcoves of the castle wall Garibaldi Castle was meant to awe-inspire historical enthusiasts and travelers alike that wish to immerse themselves in the legend, fantasy and culture of the our Ages.