Garibaldi Castle is a sprawling medieval construction that dominates the small town of Khryashchevka, Samara. Built in the Neo-Gothic Style the intricate facade, Historical exhibitions, and dazzling stories that runs through the Castle walls will leave you in wonder.

Discover an all-new land that celebrates the magic of ancient history. Relive the romance of the Renaissance Era and magic of the past as the heroic tales of rebellion and royalty come to life with Garibaldi Castle’s extraordinary sculptures and gorgeous scenery. You’ll be swept away like never before!

Here at Garibaldi Castle your wildest fantasies become a reality. Discover the imminently glamourous and magnificently quirky around every corner of our castle. Reflect on the regal beauty rich legacy of our world’s history. Every decorated archway and castle corridor leads to new medieval explorations that bring the vision to life.


Discover a place like no other and experience an all new, one-of-a-kind adventure. Nestled in the small town of Khryashchevka, Samara, Russia a medieval secret is waiting to be unveiled. Come join us for the enchantment, fun and adventure. Be apart of Garibaldi Castle and make memories that will last a lifetime.


World-class amenities unite with sheer luxury and unique surroundings, to make sure that there’s nowhere you’d rather be. Let the story unfold as you explore the castle grounds on a magical horse and carriage ride, all while taking in the captivating views of medieval architecture that encompass you.


There’s a regal atmosphere amidst the Garibaldi Waterfront Oasis where the sunsets cast a sparkle over the Tranquil Samara River. If you dare to spoil yourself, take a voyage on the new Garibaldi Yacht, a decadent treat not to be missed. Feel the light breeze and enjoy spectacular waterfront views from our lounging area where modern meets traditional that will leave you telling stories for years to come.